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New tolling technology and camera systems

Post Date : May 20,2012

The latest and state of the art advanced Toll Collection System has been installed by DSC Limited at the Lucknow Sitapur Expressway project. The project has two toll plazas – one at Khairabad and the other at Itaunja. Each of these toll plazas has 10 lanes (5 either way) of which 4 lanes (2 either way) have the provision for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system through a tag device. This system is fully automatic & is equipped with RFID based ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) technology in compliance with ISO-18000 6C standards. The system is interoperability capable & can be made interoperable with other systems once NHAI guidelines & architecture is in place. This means that the same ETC tag can be used at both the toll plazas on the project and on toll plazas of other projects once NHAI links up all the toll plazas. The other feature is that multiple tariff plan policies can be configured on the same tag depending on the usage profile of the commuter.
This project is Indias first RFID based ETC Toll Collection System in compliance with ISO-18000 6C standards. Commuters using RFID based ETC technology at this project need not stop at the toll lanes. A sticker tag is installed on the windscreen of the vehicles. When the tag comes in the range of ETC Reader in the toll lane it is detected & the transaction is processed automatically without any intervention by the toll collector. The Boom Barriers automatically open for such ETC transactions and the vehicle can pass through without stopping.
At both the toll plazas, advanced camera systems have been installed for the safety and convenience of commuters and to ensure smooth functioning of the toll plazas. The system is capable of capturing multiple images from multiple cameras of all transactions being processed in the lane thereby making all transactions auditable. There are multiple cameras installed in each toll lanes which are capturing video & images of all vehicles passing through the lanes. There are 3 cameras installed in each lane and these can take moving video as well as still pictures. 2 cameras are installed just outside the booth to capture vehicle details and one camera is installed inside the booth to monitor transactions and activities/incidents within the toll booth. The video cameras are high resolution cameras of 540 TVL (television lines) which are capable of operating in low illumination surroundings and capturing the license plate numbers from front of the vehicles. These cameras are fitted with Infra-red LEDs which illuminate the area in the range of 24 meters and are therefore capable of capturing all details in completely dark conditions during night.  All the details captured by all the cameras are recorded and monitored by the central monitoring unit located at the toll plaza.
The latest Laser Technology is being used for classification of vehicles passing through the toll lanes. In order to improve efficiency, touch screen monitors are used in all toll lanes for processing transactions instead of traditional keyboards.


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