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DSC Limited announces initiatives to provide smoother drive in the tag lanes of Delhi Gurgaon Expressway toll plaza

Post Date : Sep 09,2009

• Stricter monitoring of the cash users entering the Tag lane by Traffic Marshals

• Convenient recharge options available on the expressway for motorists equipped with tags with zero or  negative balance

• Lane attendants to assist motorists in placing the Tag  appropriately on the wind screen

DSC Limited, the concessionaire of the state-of-the-art Delhi Gurgaon Expressway today announced a series of initiatives to provide smoother drive to the committed tag users in the Tag Lanes of the Delhi Gurgaon Expressway toll plaza.

Announcing this, Mr. Manoj Aggarwal, CEO, Delhi Gurgaon Super Connectivity  Ltd. said, “We are committed to hassle free movement through the Delhi Gurgaon Expressway, and are today launching a series of initiatives to enable this. The drive is aimed to discourage cash users from entering the tag lanes which will an effect on the increased waiting time in the lanes. While the transition may take some days, we regret the inconvenience caused to the committed tag users. To meet this commitment, traffic would be regulated as per the local situation. The drive uses  a combination of measures aimed at educating, facilitating and bringing in a desirable behavior change. With the adoption of these measures, we envisage that the tag users will be able to enjoy non-stop drive at the toll plazas. We solicit support from all commuters to make the Delhi Gurgaon Expressway a non-stop road to success.” 

The state-of-the-art 32 Lane India’s largest toll plaza on the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway was designed keeping in mind the extensive deployment of futuristic technology to be able to handle high traffic volumes.

In line with this, the majority of vehicles need to be on Smart Tags, a futuristic tolling technology which enables stop-free movement. 

While around 40% of traffic enjoys this facility, the deliberate incursion of cash users in tag lanes is increasing as the company lacks enforcement rights.

There is also significant proportion of motorists with negative balance in their tags or motorists not placing their tags in the rights position leading to delay. 

To address this, the company has embarked upon education campaign for the commuters. The campaign will include strict filtration of traffic at the time of entry of a vehicle in the tag lanes by traffic marshals.

The cash users who still consciously enter the tag lane will be educated on Do’s and Don’ts of using the toll plaza and other safety guidelines through leaflets, signboards and electronic screens placed at the toll plazas and along the highway.

For tag vehicles defaulting consciously on account negative balance will be educated through various recharge options available. 

For easy recharge, the motorists will be guided to the nearest canopy or POS station. If the motorists is in a hurry, the tag will be taken and a recovery slip issued against which recharged tag can be taken back within a month.

The motorist who have not placed their tags in the appropriate manner on the wind screen or hold the tag in their hands while crossing the toll plaza will be given tag holder free of cost by the lane attendant. The lane attendant will also demonstrate correct affixing of the tag holder.


A Smart Tag is an electronic device, the size of a computer mouse, which is installed on the windscreen behind the rear view mirror of your vehicle. It is charged with the denomination of your choice and has the capability of interacting with sensors placed at the toll gates. This means that all you have to do is to slow down to 15 Km/hr (you don’t have to stop) near the toll gates, the sensor at the gates interact with your Smart Tag, the transaction is recorded and the toll deducted, you hear a confirmation beep inside your car and you’re off. All of this takes less than a second and is extremely convenient to commuters and the best way to do away with waiting periods at the toll gates. 

DSC Limited has facilitated easy and convenient recharge options through SMS, Internet, ECS, etc.    

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