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Enhanced safety and breakdown services on the Delhi Gurgaon Expressway

Post Date : Nov 15,2012

To ensure safety of the commuters, the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway has extensive safety features in place both in terms of manpower and equipment. A full-fledged corridor control and safety team is working 24X7 to handle all kinds of breakdowns and emergencies.  Apart from the 150 traffic marshals positioned at various entry and exit points along the expressway and near the toll plazas, there is a separate team of 140 patrolling members who patrol the entire length of the expressway around the clock to ensure that breakdown and emergency situations are speedily catered to.  The patrolling team has 3 Bolero Jeeps, 12 Motorcycles, 3 Recovery Cranes, 1 Hydra Crane and debris removing equipment that has been deployed to render assistance in case of any breakdown or emergencies. Walkie talkies are available with all patrolling vehicles, cranes and ambulances so that they can be in touch with each other and the central control room. The patrolling vehicles constantly cover the entire stretch and depending on the traffic, the patrolling vehicles are normally able to reach the accident or breakdown site from its current location within 10 minutes.

In case of any breakdowns or accidents commuters can call in at the toll free number 1800-103-1700 or at 9717890175 and 0124-2450800. Speedy and efficient assistance is provided by the expressway team to tackle situations of accidents, vehicle breakdown, road blockage and improper parking of vehicles. The corridor control team works tirelessly around the clock and on an average 90 breakdown calls are attended to every day. 
To deal with any kind of emergency situations, 5 ambulances are deployed 24*7 by DGSCL. Each ambulance has a driver who is accompanied by a trained paramedic and the ambulance is fully equipped to provide first aid services and relief on the spot.

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