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Gurgaon Media Press Meet on Decongestion Plan

Post Date : Dec 12,2011

A press meet was held on December 12, 2011 to brief the media about the key issues pertaining to the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway. The objective of the meet was to present and discuss plans to help ease the traffic flow at the KM 24 and the KM 42 toll plazas along with outlining the expansion plans and specific issues like cash users getting into designated tag lanes. Both the English as well as the Hindi media were invited and across the two meetings about 25 media journalists and bureau chiefs attended.   It was a fruitful and interactive session with the concessionaire presenting its point of view and the media adding on suggestions from their perspective.

From DSC Limited, besides the Corporate Communication team, Manhad Narula, Anurag Kuba, Executive Director and Manoj Aggarwal, CEO – Highways (O&M) were present at the meet. Mr Bashob Dey, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Communication made a detailed presentation on  key facts and way forward to the media. This was followed by a detailed discussion and questions and answers session where several ideas were exchanged and debated upon. The concessionaire also highlighted the support required from the authorities for the expansion plan and for ensuring lane discipline.
The Decongestion Plan is based on the resolution of the two main causes of congestion which are the increasing traffic volumes and cash users getting into tag lanes. 
1. Expansion Plan to resolve Decongestion
The way forward is to expand the KM 24 toll plaza and augment its current capacity by adding on more toll lanes. At present the toll plaza has 32 lanes, 16 either way. A proposal has been sent to the NHAI by the concessionaire in July 2011 for adding 10-12 lanes on either side in a staggered format. On the RHS (Jaipur to Delhi side) this would be done through the Udyog Vihar link road where 8 -12 toll gates can be added on. Apart from creating additional capacity this would significantly improve the traffic flow and congestion in and around Udyog Vihar.  The NHAI has been in discussion with the HSIIDC regarding the design and cost of the toll plaza to be built at the Udyog Vihar Link Road. HSIIDC had confirmed to NHAI that they would be bearing the cost of the toll plaza and we are awaiting the final confirmation of action from NHAI and HSIIDC. As a concessionaire we are keen to build the toll plaza at the earliest as it would add on significant capacities as well as ease the traffic flow in the Udyog Vihar region.
The expansion proposal also includes the design for adding on 10 -12 lanes on the LHS (Delhi to Jaipur side). The land is already available with the Haryana government and NHAI has to get this transferred and facilitate the expansion process. We look forward to the expansion plans being approved by the NHAI at the earliest so that additional capacities can be added on to the toll plaza and end the congestion.
2. Curtailing the Cash users in Tag Lanes issue to resolve Decongestion
Commuters owning Smart Tags are not getting the benefit of a seamless passage through the toll gates as cash users enter the Tag lanes. Recent studies done by the concessionaire prove that this is the biggest reason for causing congestion at the toll plaza. A pure tag lane can process in excess of 1000 vehicles per lane per hour and at present cash lanes are processing around 400 vehicles per lane per hour which are adequate to avoid any congestion. However wherever cash users flock into tag lanes, the throughput drops substantially causing congestion at the toll plaza area. This entry of cash users in tag lanes has become a regular phenomenon and since the concessionaire does not have the authority to challan the errant vehicles it has submitted proposals to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to give it rights to penalize errant vehicles. It has also   sent repeated requests to the traffic police to assist in challaning cash users entering the tag lanes Active support from the relevant authorities is required on the above two issues to resolve the problem of congestion. Simultaneously the concessionaire is also taking several on ground initiatives from its side to ease the decongestion levels. These include ongoing lane markings , addition of  traffic marshals and lane assistants to regulate the traffic flow, carrying out lane segregation at 175 m from the toll gates,  stepping up toll collector training programs to further increase their efficiencies, regularly undertaking commuter education initiatives on safety & lane discipline and installing additional signages for better flow management.

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