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?Beat Fog Drive Safely?

Post Date : Dec 22,2011

A fog safety initiative at the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway

DSC Limited, one of India’s leading Infrastructure companies, engaged in the construction and development of Roads & Expressways organized a fog safety drive for commuters at the KM 24 Toll Plaza. As part of its ongoing commitment towards the commuter’s safety, the Delhi-Gurgaon Super Connectivity Limited launched a campaign to urge motorists to follow the safety tips and drive safely this foggy season.
‘The Beat Fog Drive Safely’ campaign was launched by Ms. Bharti Arora, DCP Traffic, Gurgaon who was the  Chief Guest for the occasion.  Also present on the occasion wase Mr. Pratap Singh, Project Director, NHAI. Mr. Manoj Aggarwal, CEO-O&M, DSC Limited initiated the event with a brief talk on fog safety and the various initiatives taken by the company. 
Ms. Bharti Arora, DCP Traffic, Gurgaon flagged off the event by distributing leaflets on safety tips along with sticking  yellow fluorescent reflective tape on a few cars, followed by Mr Pratap Singh, NHAI,  Manoj Aggarwal and others  at the KM 24 toll plaza. The exercise was further carried forward by DSC Limited’s  Traffic Marshals at both the toll plazas. 
Commenting on the occasion Ms. Bharti Arora, DCP Traffic Gurgaon said “Gurgaon traffic police welcomes DSC Limited’s initiative to launch the fog drive as it becomes very necessary to educate motorists how to drive in foggy conditions. Dense fog seriously reduces your visibility and makes driving very dangerous. Our advice is to switch on headlights, reduce your speed and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Listen to weather forecasts and general advice about driving conditions and if you must drive in fog, allow plenty of extra time for your journey. Before setting out, check that your car is in good working order and particularly that all the lights are working properly and are clean”. 
She further added, “The Gurgaon traffic police is being extra watchful by way of intensive patrolling and surveillance to avoid possible accidents due to fog and we insist on the use of retro reflective tapes by vehicles, especially heavy vehicles.  Heavy vehicles without reflective tapes will be challaned”.
“Mr. Manoj Aggarwal CEO-O&M, DSC Limited said “As a concessionaire, we are committed towards the safety of our commuters . Fog is serious issue in Delhi/NCR and we have geared  for this by adopting various fog safety ground initiatives and educating commuters. We are distributing fog safety leaflets to the commuters with Do’s and Dont’s to avoid any mishap during fog. Yellow fluorescent tapes are being stuck to the vehicles at both KM 24 & KM 42 toll plazas. All our toll collectors are verbally informing  commuters on fog conditions ahead and regular announcement are being made at the toll plazas on the audio system.  We would also request motorcyclists and cyclists to ensure they are clearly visible to other road-users by wearing high visibility clothing and using lights when crossing at various entry exit points. We look forward to the full support of the Gurgaon traffic police and the media to make the fog drive successful.
The company has  taken all the necessary steps to enhance the safety measures on the expressway which are important during the current foggy condition. These include:
• Ongoing lane marking
• All  toll collectors are verbally informing  commuters on fog conditions ahead
• Regular announcement are being made at the toll plazas on the audio system
• Blinkers installed at all exit points
• Reflective tapes have been put on electric poles, crash barrier pillars, grade separator railing hooks and at places on median grill
• Frequency of patrolling has been increased from the current 45 min to 30 mins.
• Caution signs are put at specified identified black spots 
• Leaflets on Do’s and Dont’s on fog distributed to the commuters
• Yellow fluorescent reflective tapes stuck on cars at KM 24 and KM 42 toll plazas
• Additional cat’s eyes installed in sensitive areas
• Painting of bull noses done
• Improvised impact attenuators with reflective tape in caution color have been installed


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