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Sandur Bypass Road


Located in Karnataka, the construction of the 16.22 km long Sandur Bypass Road has eased the heavy iron bearing traffic moving from mines situated in and around Sandur. As the area is covered by iron ore mines there is a lot of movement of heavy trucks in and around the area. Before the construction of the Bypass Road, the truck movement was through Sandur town resulting in a lot of pollution from iron ore dust and thus causing inconvenience to the local residents. The Sandur Bypass has not only provided a good quality road but also provided a pollution free environment to the people of Sandur.

Project Name
Sandur Bypass Road Project
Project Location Karnataka
Project Type BOT
Project Length 16.22 kms
Project Owner PWD Karnataka
Concessionaire Sandur Bypass Project Ltd.
Concession Period 20 yrs

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