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Raipur-Aurang Road Link


The Raipur-Aurang Road Link will upgrade the Raipur-Aurang section on NH 6 in Chattisgarh from the existing 2-lane road into a 4-lane road. This 43.5 km long road project, combined with the Raipur-Durg Expressway will be the first high speed urban expressway in Chhattisgarh linking Raipur with the surrounding industrial areas. The project involves construction of 1 major bridge, 6 minor bridges, 2 railways overbridges, 1 flyover and 6 underpasses.

Project Name
Raipur-Aurang Road Link
Project Location Chhattisgarh
Project Type BOT
Project Length 43.5 kms
Project Owner NHAI
Concessionaire Raipur Expressways Ltd.
Concession Period 25 yrs

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