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HR Mission

To create competitive advantage for all stakeholders and to achieve the preferred employer status through world class people management and processes.

HR Strategy

• Aligning the HR processes with best in the industry benchmarks and to review continuously

• To develop and use an effective process for talent acquisition, development and retention

• To pursue consistently to inculcate a performance driven culture 

• To foster and sustain a culture of excellence, learning, creativity and teamwork.

• To develop a system of effective communication with our people and involve them in the decision making process

• To build competencies, help employees realise their potential & provide opportunities for individual & organizational growth

HR Philosophy

HR, at DSC Limited, strives to make a positive contribution to business results, either directly or as an enabler. Our HR processes of Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Reward & Recognition, Employee Development etc. are benchmarked against internationally acclaimed companies. 

We appreciate that in order to provide sustainable competitive advantage to our businesses, the key differentiator these days is the quality of our human resources. As such, HR continuously endeavours for Attracting & Recruiting high-potential, talented employees, Grooming talent for a career of life-long mobility across industries and functions, Developing leadership pipeline for the organization, providing an accelerated career path to high-potential existing employees, providing all round leadership developmental training to employees and for supporting Succession Planning.



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